Booking and Cancellation Policy.

Below is the policy terms for bookings and cancelations.


1. Bookings for the whole of December and January Peak Period will be paid for at the time of booking this period is my busiest time and over this period are non-refundable.

Please note that all times agreed to at the time of booking, will be adhered to and your acceptance of these times at the time of booking and by the giving of your credit card is officially your confirmation of the booking. Time frames at peak times may be given as a 30 min window but we will be trying for the earliest time so be home at least 30 prior to appointment.

If you require any further written confirmation it will be given if asked for only.

Payments made for booking over this period will not be refunded at any time no correspondence will be entered into.

Credit notes, however, may in some circumstances be given valid for 3 months only.

Alterations to booking times, dates need my consent but are sometimes possible.

Cancelling at this time results in us not having anyone replace your booking. Once the kennels etc. are full, there is no more work.

The reason I use this system is to avoid great spaces in my day at Christmas as I schedule one job after the other end to end and if cancellations occur I have to wait between jobs, which can be at least an hour or more.

2. Bookings for all other school holidays will require your Credit card to be taken to confirm your booking.

3. All bookings in school term will require at least the booking fee paid at the time of booking, balance to be paid on the day before, or by direct deposit at least 3 days prior to pick up.

If we are doing a pickup and a return, payment must be made at pick up or before for both ways.

 3.a Your card will be charged the callout fee stated if you cancel your booking at any point through off-peak times.

Your card will be charged for the job on the night before the job unless you are otherwise informed or you wish to pay at the time of booking.

4. Regular clients still have to pay upfront of bookings too.

5. Bookings made the day before will be paid for up front and by card only. (exceptions Regular customers)

I reserve the right to charge in full for any job if cancelled with short notice.

You are able to prepay by direct deposit for bookings if you wish all payments must be paid 3 days before the booked time.

* Please note that when I quote a booking time this is the time that best fits my daily schedule, and allows your pets time to settle in at there destination in good time for the destinations schedule too, allowing them to blend into the routine where they are going. All times stated are the only available time.

The pet taxi is allowed a little flexibility with most of the kennels in regard to their booking in times. As they realise the pet taxi cannot be everywhere at once.

All pets will be delivered to kennels/catteries with at least 2 hours settling time in that environment before the end of the day for them, (closing time).

Bookings are preferred ahead of time.

School holidays need much arrangement to work schedules well.

Book as soon as you can when you book your kennel the next phone call should be to us.

Christmas bookings are welcome any time from May onwards or earlier if the kennel is already booked.

Outside school Holidays things are more flexible but for special request time, (out of hours) bookings are best done in advance.

Give us some warning – don’t just think we are around the corner. This is a small one-person operation.

Jobs that are already booked in taking priority…

Direct deposit details School term off-peak bookings.
Using booking your Surname and date of the job as Reference.


Terms and Conditions for Runs or long distance travel.

Easy Terms on run or long distance road travel if we are delivering to you a deposit will be paid on half the travel the other half is due in CASH on delivery or pick up from breeder if breeder is paying.

If we are transferring to a transport or delivering to the airport for ongoing travel full amount is payable at booking , if your a breeder booking yourself half fees at booking, balance at pickup if you are charging your customers the fees get the lot up front in your hand.





If cancelations occur on day or after deposit or within 4 days of travel Will not be refunded . However, if that puppy might need travel later we can credit the deposit to next booking if within 1 month of original booking.

I reserve the to right determine my own terms as you give me your reason of cancelation.

If your puppy needs to be exchanged to another deposit can be held over for next pup, if your puppy/pet is unwell or unsound you are  able to request a refund or request we hold deposit to next pet purchased.



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