Britts Pet and Animal Taxi offers individual Pet Transfers across the NSW Central Coast and Newcastle.

We can travel statewide if need be.

Not An Emergency Service.

Not open for 24 hour service.

Is a Door to Door service.


The business is operated solely By Britt Clapson

Animal Nurse / Zookeeper with over 35 years Exp.

Service Provides a straight forward by appointment pick up and delivery service.

Pickups to and From :

Kennels , Vets , Specialists , Moving House. Airport Transfers to Sydney or Newcastle Airport

Daycare drop offs only.

We offer pickup from Breeders near and far within NSW. Puppies ,Kittens , Birds check us out. Or  call for a quote.

Within Sydney ,Central Coast, Newcastle, and further away. Door to door or point to point where needed.


Taxi operates Monday to Saturday By appointment. Bookings are preferred.


We do transport people and pets to vets airports etc .

Unfortunately insurance allows this only when your animal/s are on board.



What Else do I  do ?

We don’t Board dogs or Cats.

However I  do Board Rabbits Please check the rabbit boarding page for details.

Rabbit Boarding Sydney

Rabbit Boarding Central coast


There’s info on my terms and Conditions available too.



I do like all bookings to be made in advance of the day .

Preferably at least 24 hours notice.

Airport pickups deliveries require a big time frame to organise so are best booked with up to a weeks notice.


Why Choose us ?

Generally people choose me because I am are recommended you can check my reviews on

I have a good manner with animals.

I endeavor to be on time, and reliable as possible I’m there for my customers both four three and two legged.

People like the Pet taxi for individual and reliable service that fits there day schedule.


A lot of Vets will recommend me as I have been operating since 1995 and 2001 on the coast.


I hold an animal First Aid Certificate plus other Qualifications in  animal Nursing, Zookeeping .

Have worked with animals for  over 35 years.



What Does my Pet Need to travel ?

dogs travel in my built in cages so don’t need any thing.

Cats are usually most comfortable in their own crates cages but I can supply a cage if needed.

Questions Answered

Will you take pets long distances ?

I can organise long distance road travel in NSW or organise to fly a pet or pet family. This we do for your pet or family only.

I will meet any road transporter.

How Are Pets transported ?

Your pet will travel in a cage built into the car for dogs or cats Travel in suitable carry cage .

All animals transported in Air conditioning .

Can you Drop a dog at Daycare ?

I’m Happy to deliver and sometimes return a daycare dog however I prefer Drop off only.

Central Coast Only.


Can you take me and my pets to airport?

Can Transport pets to the Airport .

Service both Sydney and Newcastle airport.

Bookings Needed.


Can you take my pet to the vet ?

Yes, I can With or without you.

Vet trips need to be planned a bit where possible only because I can be on the coast or in Sydney on jobs.

Do You transfer to Specialists on the coast, Newcastle or Sydney ?

Yes, any of the above.



Can you Take sick or injured pets ??

Yes , I have a stretcher and muzzles on board plus ramps available.

I Don’t carry oxygen .

For Charges and Conditions please go to 


Vet Trips or Transfers Central Coast and Newcastle Areas .

Vet trips local area 0-5 km to vets and /or Return Start at $80 return, if job is carried out as a pickup and deliver in the one visit.

30 mins  at vets is included.

Waiting charges $1 per min after 30 min at the vet.


For one Way vet trips only.

Local area one way trips Min. Charge 0-5 km journey start From $70.( min. Per Km Charge $4 ).