We organise your pet’s trip, making them our priority whilst travelling with us by going directly to their destination.

Pet resort vans go from destination to destination before actually heading to the kennel that you have your pet booked into, meaning that they may be in that van for 3 hours or more.

We make sure that doesn’t happen – your pet travels directly to their destination.

Individual Quality Pet Transport Service

We offer an individual quality transport service for pets to any kennel or cattery of your choice including: To and from Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, Hunter Valley.

We transport pets to or from Sydney to the Central Coast, Southern Highlands, Newcastle, and Wollongong areas.

Rates vary depending on distance and tolls.

It’s BEST to consider your movements over your holiday period and if your time is stretched, let us help as we can accommodate most situations.

We are not affiliated with any one kennel so we go to all of them, as required.
Please note however, that we don’t have a fleet of vehicles so please book us first when you are booking your kennel or cattery. Do not leave it until the last minute because large kennels’ trucks fill up. We act as their back up, but all our pre-booked work is prioritised.

How do our services differ when your pet travels with us?

WE CARE. Our experience working with animals since 1985 means we have many skills. We know your pet is precious to you and with our pets by appointment only system, we strive to ensure that your pets are not stressed by taking them directly to their destination.

Our Van

We provide kennel transport in specially fitted out air-conditioned vans.

With our individual pet transport, your pet receives the best individual service and travel directly to their destination.

The difference between our service and what kennels offer is that our van is only fitted out to carry a maximum of 4 dogs or a pet family which includes cats as well.

The kennel trucks mostly fit up to 10 or more in the one vehicle. This makes for a lot of hot dog’s breath… plus all the animals are separated from the driver, so if there are any anxious or stressed dogs, the driver will not know. This is different from our service where we know about it immediately.

Pick up Timings

Because of our knowledge of kennel procedures and animal behaviour, we like to move animals to kennels earlier in the day so that they can settle well rather than at the last minute.

What we will carry

Pet courier services are our specialty whether it’s off to the kennels or vets or just across town.

Dogs, cats, birds, and all small domestic pets, rabbits and small livestock.

Specialists in Small Animal Transport

If it fits into the car it’s welcome to travel.

We are happy to transport pets from all over Sydney, with our main service areas covering the upper and lower North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Hills District, and Northern Beaches as well as the Central Coast region and Newcastle and Hunter Valley.

Separate Caging for All Pets Travelling

Cats may need to be picked up from your vet if we cannot schedule a time when you are home but as a last resort.

We are happy to service other areas not listed, just give us a call if what you require is not viable for us.

If we are not able to help, we will refer you to someone who can.

You can safely let us be your pet’s chauffeur to the kennel or cattery of your choice across Sydney, knowing they will arrive as quickly as traffic allows rather than going all over town before they arrive and settle in.

We do travel far and wide across town however.

All kennels will require seeing your pet’s vaccination papers, current for this 12-month period. Usually any vaccinations need to have been done at least 14 days prior to boarding your pet. A copy should be sent with your pet.


Most Kennels require up to date vaccinations. If needed, we will take these to your kennel. You will also need to provide or have done a flea and tick treatment.

Taking Belongings, Bedding and Medications.

Bedding for pets can accompany the pet, but may not be returned, since pets often take out their frustration on this and destroy it. Check with the kennel/cattery first…

Coats should be labeled if sending them. Collars sometimes get lost or destroyed…and some kennels are not in favor of them either…check with your kennel/cattery first.

If there are medications or other things to pick up, please let us know. Please ensure that you label medications for your kennel or cattery, etc.

We will not take your leads and for some kennels, collars, but we usually ask that a lead be left out as some dogs see their own lead as a message that they are going somewhere and it helps us to make them comfortable with us.

We can take several animals together, of various sizes and descriptions, so the whole pet family is welcome to travel.

Deliveries or pick ups with nobody at home, is not a problem for us (dogs only) … However you must have a safe and secure yard.

Bookings are Essential

Advance bookings are needed, especially for school holidays and long weekends to avoid disappointment.

All special occasion/after hours times need prior bookings.

We provide a reassuring, reliable, safe, professional service to look after your furry friends when you can’t.

  • Your pet will start to enjoy the arrival of their pet chauffeur, even if weary at first.
  • Most of our regulars know how to ask for their treat. Treats are complimentary.
  • Our charges cover time, wear and tear and tolls (where tolls are required).
  • We have been operating for longer than 26 years, now, servicing the Sydney and Central Coast areas, with quality service and reliability.
  • Pick ups or drop offs to interstate road transporters are most welcome.
  • Please ask about any pet courier services you and your pet might need.
  • If you need any further information regarding your pet’s transport needs, or wish to suggest how we might improve our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the number below

Book now on 0438 823 392

Britt’s Pet and Animal Taxi, has been operating since 1995 under the same ownership. We are proud winners of the Pet Transport of the Year National Award in 2014.