Sydney and Newcastle Fee Indicators

Airport Transfers

Callout Fee Distance Rate 20km distance Waiting Fees
$60 $2.50/km $60 callout +
$2.50 x 20 = $50 +
$30 wait time +

Extras not included in indicative cost:

  • Tolls (indication charges are subject to change from rises in tolls)
  • Added Waiting Times
  • Airport Waiting Times: $45 for 30 mins or more (30 mins wait)

Boarding Kennel Pickups

Indicator prices quoted below rates are based on distance.

Callout Fee Distance Rate Cost Waiting Fees
$35-70 $2.50/km @ 26km/27km 35+ 65 =$100 $1.00/minute

$35 callout is for boarding kennel pickups only on the northern side of harbour.

$35 callout is for boarding kennel pick ups only on the northern side of the harbour.

Boarding kennel prices indicated price for distance shown.

Vet prices indicator of distance shown with vet trips, per km charge varies.

Callout Fee Distance Rate Return Fee Waiting Fees
$50 $5.00/km Min 5 km
10km @$5 50+50 =

Extras: Wait time charge after 30 mins in vets.

Extras not included in this indicated price, tolls, any extra waiting and peak hour pricing.

Pet families incur $20 for up to 3 animals and $10 each thereafter.

Peak hour pricing, add $25 or Airport peak hour, add $45.

Longer Distance Indicator

Callout Fee Distance Rate cost Waiting Fees
$45/70 100 plus $2.00/km $245 $1.00/minute

Extra charges tolls. Tolls will be charged on all jobs where needed to make the trip a smoother, shorter trip. They will be charged to the job and away from it where I need to return to base on the toll road.

Callouts on very long distance jobs start from $150.

Please see Current Tolls Here.

Please note toll prices can change every 3 months.

All Sydney toll roads should be listed.

Please note that all jobs are rounded to the nearest whole km, for example, 8.5 will be 9 as an example.

Central Coast Pricing.

Callout: $35

Charge per km: $2.50

Vet visits Central Coast short distance: $70 return including 30 minutes at vet.

Extras: $1 per minute, wait time after 30 min.

Specialist vet visits will be quoted on enquiry.

Call us on 0438 823 392 or email us.