Sydney and Newcastle Fee Indicators See  that page Please.

Airport Transfers in Sydney.

Callout Fee Distance Rate 20km distance Waiting Fees
$100 $2.50/km $100 callout +
$2.50 x 20 = $50 +
$30 wait time +

Extras not included in indicative cost:

  • Tolls (indication charges are subject to change from rises in tolls)
  • Added Waiting Times
  • Airport Waiting Times: $45 for 30 mins or more (30 mins wait)
Callout Fee Distance Rate Return Fee Waiting Fees
$60 $6.00/km Min 5 km
10km @$6 60+60 =

Short distance vet trip guide Above

Extras: Wait time charge after 30 mins in vets.

Extras not included in this indicated price, tolls, any extra waiting and peak hour pricing.

Pet families incur $20 for up to 3 animals and $10 each thereafter.

Peak hour pricing, add $25 or Airport peak hour, add $45.

Longer Distance Indicator kennel jobs Guide below.

Callout Fee Distance Rate cost Waiting Fees
$70- 120 100 plus $2.00/km $245 $1.00/minute

Extra charges tolls. Tolls will be charged on all jobs where needed to make the trip a smoother, shorter trip. They will be charged to the job and away from it where I need to return to base on the toll road.

Callouts on very long distance jobs start from $150 and up. special charges on long distance page for long distance transport thank you.

Please see Current Tolls Here.

Please note toll prices can change every 3 months.

All Sydney toll roads should be listed.

Please note that all jobs are rounded to the nearest whole km, for example, 8.5 will be 9 as an example.

Central Coast Pricing.

Callout: $45

Charge per km: $2.50

Vet visits Central Coast short distance: $80 return including 30 minutes at vet.

Extras: $1 per minute, wait time after 30 min.

Specialist vet visits will be quoted on enquiry.

Call us on 0438 823 392 or email us.