To travel with us, all we need is your pet. If you wish to send your cat in its own cage, that’s fine…but make sure it is absolutely secure (with only the driver in the car it could be dangerous if the animal escaped from its cage).

Some boarding kennels don’t need your animal to be wearing its collar… microchip scanning takes care of identification…also, we have plenty of leads for your pet’s use whilst in our care.


If your pet needs medication, this can be delivered with your pet or, if you wish forwarded to the animal’s destination.

Any instructions regarding the medication should be written out clearly and simply. The medication must be up-to-date. Please mark treatments with required date of application.

Also, special diets can be delivered, and, here again, feeding quantities need to be noted.

We follow guidelines set out by the Department of Primary Industry & Agriculture regarding the transport of your pets:

NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 1 – Companion animal transport agencies

Call us on 0438 823 392 or email us to book a service or get a quote.

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