I Specialise at helping you have your pets at your wedding . I am happy to be your pets escort ,babysitter, caretaker , or just delivery or pick up service.

I have been handling Pets big and small for over 35 years . And have been the transporter of many to and from their owners big day.

If  your interested in having a specialist help you have your Pet at  your wedding we are here to help you do just that and have your pet at your wedding.

We will happily organize the arrival and inclusion of your furry family members as part of  your special occasion…Wedding , Birthday, Puppy gift giving.  (We understand that a lot of people love including them in their “special day” photos.

(Rates vary to cover time…)


Special Occasion bookings, Are preferred well in advance. Pets can be delivered pets home, to kennels, or relatives or who ever you choose after the event.


Bookings for weddings are to be within business hours if pets are returning to no one home we recommend daylight hours. I will only return if there is a receiver after hours . I will not, deliver on my own after dark.

Hunter Valley weddings 

Please consider likelihood of Roo’s at Dusk.

Pet Taxi WILL NOT be transporting pets at a time where Roo’s might be more likely as Accidents are not a extra situation we need to encounter.

If your pets are going to kennels or a minder they might need to be on their way to their holiday to be within any hours of the kennels.

Pets at weddings

Pets Wedding attendant

Pets Wedding Assistant

Pets at Wedding Carer

Pets Wedding Chauffeur

Pets at Weddings Concierge

Pets at Weddings Taxi

Specialising in this service for 25 years.

Service Areas For Pet Weddings Sydney, North Shore, City, Hills District, Inner west, Central Coast NSW all areas , Hunter Valley, Newcastle.

But not limited to these areas.


Please call us to book a service or get a quote:

Ph: 0438 823 392

For your Quality Air Conditioned Pet Transport

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Its best to not feed them before travel.

Please notify us if your pet is likely to be sick …

Don’t give your pet the leftover’s from the fridge before sending to the kennels.

(Boarding Kennels)

Make sure you Have plenty of water available for your animals. Some pets like water that’s not too fresh so let it sit to take out the chlorine etc

Pets with Stones can benefit from parsley water that’s hot water that has had parsley sit in it for 3- 5 minutes as parsley is a natural Stone dissolver.

Make sure your dog is well socialised this should happen at an early age get them used to as many situations , people ,children ,cars, noises etc.

Give your pet things to keep them busy when you’re not around toys that make them think stuffed with meat or ice and meat on a hot day.

Clean up after your pet when your out.. Don’t forget a bag to cleanup with you.

Keep your dog on lead in public places.

Teach your children to respect your pets they have feelings too.


Please call us to book a service or get a quote:

Ph: 0438 823 392

For your Quality Air Conditioned Pet Transport

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